In loving memory of our father

Cote d’Azur was created by Award Winning Chef and father of 7, the late Jean-Claude. He had a dream of combining his culture and heritage of French, Mauritian and Chinese with his passion for cooking. He spent his last 30 years cooking in South Croydon in several restaurants with his sons, and even had the pleasure to cook for The President of Mauritius at his own Restaurant 'Paradise Island' and was the Head Chef at 'Jardin De Provence' to name a few.

Cote d’Azur, which translated means French Riviera, reflects the island of Mauritius in many ways. The tropical climate, the deep blue seas and the fresh ingredients combined with the warm and friendly atmosphere, all of which we try to convey here at Cote d’Azur Restaurant. Using only supreme quality ingredients, we have fused together the Classic dishes of France with the diverse flavours of Mauritian cuisine to create a varied and distinctive menu.

So let us take your taste buds on a culinary journey exploring the delicious fusion of flavours and leave your palette falling in love with Cote d’Azur.